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Regular, quality grooming helps keep your animals looking and feeling their best with healthy skin and hair coat.  Our professional groomers are here to pamper your pet to your specifications, including quality scissor finishing.  Grooming appointments are available for morning or afternoon drop offs, so that you can carry on with your busy schedule while ensuring your pet will be well cared for and ready for pick up at your designated time.  Because our medical team is available during grooming hours, minor treatments, vaccinations, or look-sees are available during their stay in grooming as well, for your convenience.


The Do's
        and Don'ts          
            of Good


  1. The right groomer:  Altitude Veterinary Hospital hires only hardworking, professional groomers whose work is top notch. Our grooming team has experience and commitment, along with attention to detail shows in their work, just ask our clients.  They have talent and skill, and are also good listeners, confident, kind, and patient with your pet.  Whatever your request, they work to ensure your satisfaction.  
  2. Nutrition:  Just like in people, proper nutrition is the foundation to healthy skin and hair.  The right food for your pet keeps the skin soft and hair coat clean and shiny. Altitude recommends Hill’s Science Diet-Veterinarian’s #1 choice to feed their pets.  We believe so strongly in the quality of this food, it’s what we feed our pets-and you should too!
  3. Types of grooms:  There is a lot more to grooming than bathing a dog and running clippers over the hair.  Our experienced groomer can help you decide on the type of groom to keep your pets looking their best, considering its breed and your personal preference. Just ask our groomer what type of cut will be best for your pet.
  4. How often to groom:  Some dogs need groomed weekly, but most are about every 4-6 weeks.  The dogs that do not need frequent grooms, like a Labrador Retrievers, are still recommended for a bath and blowout 1 to 3 times a year.  The bath and blowout are essential to getting the dirt and shedding hair out, allowing healthy skin and hair to breathe and grow naturally.  Grooming your pets at home can be a tedious, and time consuming experience-bathing, drying, and combing for hours and hours-not to mention the mess!  Our professional groomers have the experience and equipment to help keep your pet healthy, and looking their best, in half the time, with no mess to clean up. 

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