Parasite Control

Parasite Control Program

At Altitude Veterinary Hospital, one of our goals is to keep your pet free of parasites.  We have evaluated over the years, the types of parasites we see and have developed a program that is comprehensive for Casper and the surrounding Wyoming area.  Also keep in mind some of the parasites our pets have are zoonotic, meaning that those parasites our pets have, can be transferred to us.  The transfer of parasites from our pet’s to us is rare, but it is always best to keep our pets healthy as well as the rest of the family. 


·Intestinal:  Roundworms and Tapeworms are our most common parasites with an occasional Hookworm.  Interceptor Plus® covers these intestinal parasites as well as Whipworms.  While other parasite products may be considered, here at Altitude Veterinary Hospital, Interceptor Plus®, the product we recommend, covers all 4 kinds.  In Wyoming, parasites are found in all the seasons so we recommend once monthly year round protection for all dogs.

·Heartworm:   Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos and the worms develop in the heart where they can cause significant and permanent changes – even death.  Wyoming is one of the states with the least heartworm seen but Interceptor Plus® in addition to intestinal parasite control, prevents Heartworm.

·Flea and Tick:  In town, fleas and ticks are of little concern but may be applied on a case by case basis.  Those pets that go to the river, mountains, lakes, and especially travel to other states, a monthly preventative such as Simparica® is highly recommended during the flea and tick season (April – October).



·Intestinal:  Tapeworms are our most common parasite with an occasional Roundworm detected.  Again, these are found throughout all the seasons, so we recommend Profender® (topical) or Drontal® (oral) year round.  These anti-parasite products cover Tapeworms as well as Roundworms and Hookworms.  It’s possible that indoor cats may not need parasite control.  Ask your Veterinarian if parasite control is right for your cat.

·Heartworm:  Heartworm is seen in cats but here in (Casper) Wyoming, the severity is low to unknown.  For those with pets that travel or other reasons for heartworm control, we can still help, just ask your Veterinarian.

·Flea and Tick:  If your cat goes outside, EasySpot®, a flea and tick preventative is highly recommended April through October.  Fleas and ticks carry disease so the less time they are on your pet, the better.  For a cat that stays inside, flea and tick control is not essential.

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